Minimize Postdoctoral position - Volcano observations using InSAR

Date added: 02 September 2016

Organisation: NASA

Location: California, USA

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NASA's goal is to improve understanding of transient magma storage and eruption processes, and to develop techniques to improve volcano hazard assessment and mitigation. Our primary focus is in the application of InSAR and GPS surface deformation time series to resolve source model kinematics through forward and inverse numerical methods. In particular COSMO-SkyMed (CSK) data have proven critical for several volcanoes of interest due to their relatively dense spatiotemporal sampling. In addition, we intend to acquire topography change data with the GLISTIN instrument to quantify lava effusion in order to constrain physical volcano models.

Combining the knowledge gained on volcano source parameters from geodesy we will develop physics-based models that explain the time varying changes of the source and output products (i.e. gas emissions; lava flux). The volcanoes we target lie in areas of high priority to NASA, including: Kilauea and Mauna Loa, Hawaii, Galapagos, Latin America, and Iceland.

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